Odessa Arts

Supporting the Arts & Humanities in Odessa since 1978 | Proud Sponsor of Play
415 N Grant Ave #200, Odessa, TX 79761

Founded in 1978, Odessa Arts is the local arts agency for Odessa, representing music, theater, dance, visual arts, museums and more. Our primary focus is supporting the arts though cultural tourism grants. In 2019, Odessa Arts distributed $200,000 to agencies to promote arts and culture to our visitors and enhance the quality of life for Odessa. 

In addition to cultural tourism grants, Odessa Arts is also responsible for the city’s public art program, images of which are available on our website: odessaarts.org, where you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter and become a member! 

Odessa Arts, supporting and promoting the arts since 1978.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed